Clean Kitchen
Gourmet Macro Cuisine

Established in 2016

Clean Kitchen surprised everyone with a fresh approach to personal development, through meal preparation. With a wide target audience, from those who ‘just want to lose a few pounds’, right up to professional athletes and celebrities, Clean Kitchen cater for all who’re interested in a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.

When it came to creating their website, Clean Kitchen approached Allstar for a design that would educate visitors about nutrition, and lead them to purchase their gourmet macro meals, as well as increase brand awareness of the new company. This was an enjoyable project for the design team; I mean who wouldn’t want to look at pictures of delicious food all day?!

We set out to support Clean Kitchen in their launch event, by creating designs, invitations, and promotional strategies to build awareness of their latest products and partnerships. Alongside this, we helped to create a buzz around the event, amongst key professionals.


"We approached Allstar with the intention to create a unique website. Allstar really excelled, showing incredible artistic flair and originality when designing our graphics and website. Their team is very easy to communicate with and always have their client's best interests at heart. Overall, I highly recommend Allstar if you wish to receive a hassle-free and enjoyable experience."


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