Jordan Armour Developer
Jordz Ramen Won a national university esports tournament in 2015
Stacey Austen Lead Graphic Designer


Groovy by both name and nature, Stacey "Austen Powers" has never lost her mojo! Her skills don't just stop with the greatest rendition of the cabbage patch, her design work is mighty fine too. From working on small boutique projects right through to the demands of a national newspaper, Stacey certainly has kept her cool and shown her best moves time and time again.

Wherever the challenge may take her, Stacey will be there. She didn't just walk 500 miles to attend her interview, she did 500 more when she accepted her position and made the commitment to move from her paradise town of Largs down to our offices in Leeds. But don't let the Scottish accent fool you, Stacey actually hails from Zimbabwe!


Hermione Chips & Cheese Stacey was born in Zimbabwe, Africa
Roque Chan Developer
Rocco Chips Roque once created an AI for a board game so he didn't have to play it by himself.
Matt Covell Developer


Fancy a career shift? Speak with Matt. From high end bar and venue management into App Development may sound like a challenge, but just like persuading his mum he wanted a My Little Pony as a child and he got a real one !! Matt has taken this in his stride and loving every minute.

He can lose an Iphone in any location, but he is our safe pair of hands when it comes to development. Dynamic, brilliant and genius are words to describe Matt and his contribution.

In an ever changing and rapidly shifting environment, Matt represents the future and unlike many IT guys, his retail experience has given him perspective and customer understanding. A vital and valuable team member.


Francis Mexican Matt has lost 11 iPhones
Jonathan Eden Developer
Jonny Pizza Jonny was previously a Chemistry Teacher
Ian Hudson Developer


Ian (twin screen Hudson) fills his day writing code on screen one, and watching several black windows with thousands of lines of scrolling green text on screen two. EDM and 90's dance hits puts him in the code zone when designing and building our internal software platforms and external client services. Iam thinks playing table football with the team would be by far the best way of taking the occasional screen break.

EE Hot Hot Hot Curry (but not the day after!) Ian used to swim for Leeds
Wendy Lee Business Development Manager
Wends Cheese or houmous (she can't choose!) Wendy once set up car insurance for Christopher Biggins in a previous job
Ben Mustard Operations Director


Intelligent, ambitious, trustworthy. These are just a few of the ways to describe Ben. Making a name for himself in 2009, when he was crowned Prom King in high school, he’s remained ‘Mr Popular’ ever since! Not only does his smooth and confident charm make him popular amongst the clients, but his caring and loyal nature also makes him a hit with his colleagues. The ‘go-to’ guy if you’re ever in need of a helping hand, Ben’s always got the answer! A natural born leader with great communication skills, Ben is a true asset to the Allstar team.

Muzz Curry (Either a Indian Chicken Hyderabadi or a Thai Lamb Massaman) Ben was the Sherburn High School Prom King 2009
John Mustard Managing Director


Look up drive and passion in the dictionary and the name 'John Mustard' will follow. Approachable, organised, generous, straight talking and a good sense of humour are just some of the key attributes which make John and Allstar a pleasure to work for.

Born in the North East, his passion doesn't just stop with the work he does but also lies with Newcastle United. Working under pressure suits John which is reflected on the golf course where he has had TWO hole in ones.

Allstar is one big family and that is down to one individual - John. Surrounding himself with staff who's strengths compliment his weaknesses he knows how to run a tight ship whilst creating a fun, relaxed atmosphere with staff who enjoy their work.


The Big Man Curry John has been mistaken for Mike Ashley the Newcastle United and Sports Direct Chairman!
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Who Are We?

“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

We at Allstar believe in passion, hard work and enthusiasm. We are an ideas business, who work at combining all the right ingredients to make your project successful, and we love what we do!

With a close-knit team at the heart of the business, we offer fresh ideas and innovative thinking. A diverse mix of talents across a broad age spectrum allows us to blend old and new ways of thinking, to create the approach that’s best for you. We understand that each client is unique, and we love a challenge! Our team thrives on creativity, and we bend over backwards to achieve great results that surprise and delight every customer. We believe there is no problem that can’t be solved, that mediocrity doesn’t exist, we don’t give in we only give more. With an extensive knowledge in all areas, we’re not afraid to test the boundaries of a brief and throw some of our own ideas into the mix. We don’t just dip our toes into a task, we jump in with both feet, and we don’t stop until our clients are wowed.

So, who are we? We are go-getters, thrill seekers, people pleasers, we are the ultimate problem solvers. We believe that it’s not about the ideas, but about making the ideas happen. We are busy worker bees and success is our honey. We are a full-service digital agency, who bring the zest and flair to your business. We are Allstar.

But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself…


We are go-getters, thrill seekers and people pleasers
We are the ultimate problem solvers
We are Allstar
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