Digital Marketing

Times Are Changing


In a world hungry for high-speed internet, round-the-clock news, and wondrous gadgets including iPhones and more, forms of ‘traditional’ marketing are being replaced with new, innovative ways of connecting customers to businesses, as well as fast-tracking business growth.

Successful online marketing strategies use an assortment of social media platforms and search engines, to explicitly target ads to potential customers, whilst in the process, eliminating those not suited to a particular product or service.

Get an online marketing strategy right, and you can achieve your wildest dreams, whether that be boosting your product sales, rocketing your footfall…etc. An added bonus is that you can also become more conscious of your customers' needs.

We believe that online marketing is the nitty-gritty of a good idea, the crème de la crème; getting down to brass tacks by creating brand recognition, and wallowing in the rewards.


A business without online marketing is like a pizza without the topping. It’s dissatisfying and hungry for flavour.


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Proud To Call Ourselves A Google Partner Certified Company


We are equipped to help build AdWords campaigns, specifically designed for your objectives – from display to search advertising. We have the ability to sharpen and refine these, resulting in an increase of your click-through rate, and thus helping you to achieve your desired goals. An office full of bright minds means the Allstar team can further assist with the managing, measuring and optimisation of these ads, tweaking where necessary and analysing the results. Such a hands-on, dedicated approach allows for successful outcomes.

Why settle for crumbs when you can have the whole cake?

Allstar have run campaigns all over the world, from our home soil in the UK, to Ireland, America, Canada, and ‘daa’n under’ in Australia; crikey, we do get around! With such a vast experience in international markets, we have the knowledge and expertise to take your business to the next level.

But, our skills don’t just stop at Google AdWords, no. The marketing team at Allstar also have detailed knowledge and use of Facebook advertising, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

We are an extremely multi-talented bunch!


So, if you’re after some expert advice and the VIP treatment, then don’t hesitate to pick our brains and toss us a question or two.

64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. (WordStream, 2016)
Google gets over 100 billion searches a month
60% of potential customers say they will abandon searches on non-mobile friendly sites