Sleepin' Is Cheatin'
The UK's Baddest Nightlife Brand


Celebrity DJ Tom Zanetti


Sleepin’ Is Cheatin’ is one of the UK’s fast rising nightclub events and it’s all down to two masterminds of UK nightlife - Tom Zanetti and K.O. Kane. Tom has shot to fame with his hit single ‘You Want Me’ which featured R&B singer, Sadie Ama and smashed the charts in the UK.

Sleepin’ Is Cheatin’  has featured in events and festivals all over the country and is especially resident to Mission, Leeds where it all started for Tom. 

If you love their music, they also have a sleek merchandise and clothing label which is in high demand and available on their SIC website.

Alongside SIC, Tom Zanetti is also behind the music festival Insomnia which he runs and hosts with K.O. Kane.


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