Case Study
SIC - Inzombifest

Following the success of the SIC video, Allstar were also asked to develop a further video, this time to promote Mission's Inzombifest Halloween night. Our designer was given some pre-existing artwork to bounce off; this artwork displayed frightful zombies, horrifying teeth, and spine-chilling gore. Like offering a decanter of blood to a ravenous vampire, our designer lapped up this project and everything that came with it. Aspiring to stray from a typical nightclub video, she added dramatic sounds effects of unsettling screams, and sinful laughter. With the addition of anaglyph skulls, used to encase the visitors faces and portray their 'inner demons', our designer truly captured the horror of the infamous fright night that is Halloween. Of course, we didn't want it to be all ghosts and ghouls, so we began the video with this dramatic scare, followed by an instant twist of genre when the beat drops, displaying the entertainment and the enjoyment from previous nights at the club.

Tom Zanetti was very happy with the videos, and we continue to create regular videos and posters for the nightclub. We are yet to feature in one of his music videos, but we're working on that one!

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