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POTY Event Invites 2016

The invites for Johnstone's POTY were one of the first things that we had created for the event, alongside the branding.

We wanted every guest and staff member to feel giddy and enthused from the get-go. We wanted them to feel that tummy-tingling excitement from when they first received their invite, right on through to the event itself. Allstar designed an invite that was a showstopper before the show had even started!

The invite pack came in 5 parts;

The Sleeve - The sleeve of the invite was clean and friendly, with a white background and paint splashes hugging the design from front to back.

Your Invitation Includes - The first swatch had details of what was included in the invitation - this had a run down of the morning and evening events, a little about the hotel accommodation, as well as when to RSVP by. This was a green swatch with shades running from lime green to violet blue.

Accommodation - A swatch with purple and pink shades - this one had details about the accommodation location, details on extending your stay and a little offer on pampering yourself - don't mind if I do!

How to RSVP - A warm swatch with shades of crimson red to sunshine yellow, the RSVP swatch contained details on how to RSVP whether it was by email, phone or post.

RSVP - An additional strip was added to complete the invitation; this one acted as an RSVP form, whereby the invitee was asked to fill in some details, including their event and accommodation preferences. This strip mirrored the sleeve of the invitation, coated in a white blanket, with paint splashes around the edges.

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