Case Study
Website Design

A Supertropic Project!

Being a single page site with an elastic style drop-down menu, the Superdrug Charity site is easy to navigate and visually stimulating.

Screaming 'tropical vibes' and an '80s funk' colour palette, the website has definitely set the bar to what the guests will be expecting on the night.

The site is broken down clearly into sections, with classy palm tree leaf graphics complementing the pink gradient background. Not only this, there are hints of Aztec pattern throughout the modules with neon strobes - we love it!

Allstar's design team chose white chunky bold sans-serif titles which create balance to the smaller, more delicate body text.

The ease of the user journey is heightened by the dot navigation at the right-hand side of the page on the desktop version, in which the dots transition to a larger dot when the user is on that section or page of the site. When the user then hovers over the dots, the page titles appear on the left of the dot which gives clarity to where they are and where they may want to go on the site - try it for yourself! 

You can have a look at the website here:

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