Case Study
Bar Fibre - Shake & Win App

Accomplished shakers!

Our gifted app developer Matt was the mastermind behind this project, with a slice of vigour, a dash of zeal and a whole lot of brainpower, he created something truly stupendous.

Fibre were very keen to have a gimmick within their app, that entices visitors to open and use the app on an almost daily basis. We introduced a 'shake and win' feature, whereby customers would literally have to shake their device, at the chance of winning a prize; a fun twist that allows customer to get hands on. Each user gets one shake per day and a prize is selected randomly from a predetermined list of prizes, from the likes of a free glass of Pimms, to a five pound free bar tab.

We like to think of ourselves as accomplished shakers in the Allstar office.

Customers are also able to connect to the app through their Facebook accounts, allowing for ease and accessibility. In addition to this, the app is push enabled, which permits an unlimited number of push notifications to be sent to each customers device; we can schedule these to be sent at certain times or can have them triggered by key events.

We also created a 'special offers and promotions' page, along with an affiliates section whereby the app can be used in other retail outlets to redeem exclusive offers.

The Fibre app launched in September 2016, and has rocketed remarkably ever since.

To infinity, and beyond.

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