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Whether you require a bulk SMS platform, a bespoke IVR product, or digital assistance, we have the expertise to develop services and products that are tailored specifically to your requirements.


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''Ignoring Online Marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone''


About Allstar Media Services

The Team at Allstar Media Services boast a diverse mix of talents across a broad age spectrum. This brings in a wealth of experience, innovation, versatility and a considered approach to the work we do.

Most recently, we have been associated with the psychic services, due in part to our long term licensing arrangement with Sally Morgan, Britain’s Best Psychic. However, that is not all we have to offer.

We invest a great deal of our time and resources into digital marketing, from Google Adwords and Facebook display to Twitter, YouTube and more!

Whether you require something as simple as a phone number to front a campaign, a text platform to send bulk messages or a psychic related service then we are here to help. We can also advise and assist with your SEO, Digital Marketing or Design, as well as copy writing or IVR call handling.

So, what are you waiting for? We offer a speedy, friendly and above all informed response to any issues or assistance you may require. Then, the rest is up to you! 

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