We know you are just dying to know a little bit more about us, so here’s an insight into the guys that make up our wonderful Allstar team.



Fills her days with - Web design, creating ideas in her sketchbook and smashing the gym.

Favourite music - Catfish and the Bottlemen

Random fact - She has touched Rihanna’s hand.


Fills her days with - Video editing, photography and tending to her cacti.

Favourite music - Beyoncé

Random fact - She’s never rode a horse, but she’s rode an ostrich. 


Fills her days with - Producing newspaper content, managing the SMS platform and looking for her next holiday.

Favourite music - Anything she can dance to

Random fact - Has sat on the edge of the Grand Canyon (and climbed down into it in sandals - not the best idea).


Fills his days with - Analysing statistics, looking for new business and watching rugby.

Favourite music - Scooter

Random fact - Was born on an RAF base in Germany. 


Fills his days with - Coding, more coding and pony riding.

Favourite music - Blink 182

Random fact - He went for a night out in Leeds, blacked out and woke up in Magaluf. 


Fills his days with - Developing the SMS platform, maintaining up-time of the platform and taking care of his two cats.

Favourite music - EDM

Random fact - He owned five MINIs at one time.


Fills his days with - Creating social artwork, print design and playing Sing Star.

Favourite music - Swingin’ 60s

Random fact - Went to the 2010 South Africa World Cup.


Fills her days with - Social media management, content writing and cuddling her dog.

Favourite music - Hip hop / R&B

Random fact - Developed a serious addiction to Hubba Bubba in school and ended up in A&E with a locked jaw.


Fills his days with - Leading, motivating and playing golf.

Favourite music - Meatloaf

Random fact - He once owned a racehorse.


Fills his days with - Running the IVR platform, meeting with clients and supporting Newcastle at St James’.

Favourite music - Ben Howard

Random fact - He had to do the Virgin ‘Flying Without Fear’ programme in order to conquer his fear of flying (it worked!)